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My favorite Curtiss A Story:
The year 1978.
The venue: Shinders on 7th St.

Curtiss A trained me in as a clerk @ Shinder's Books on 7th St, downtown Minneapolis. Joel Shinder handed two horny teenage boys a box of condoms, $1000 bucks, a bottle of tequila and a one way ticket to Tijuana Mexico.
Joel Shinder was not happy with the lack of sales of rock posters. Because Curt and I were the over the top beyond cool punk rock types, he ordered us to go up to the attic and sort through an enormous four foot roll of rock posters, find the cool happening ones and put them on display.
Walking up the wide dusty steps was like walking into a time warp. Obviously, the attic had been used as a bordello: the ghosts of the lonely dead hookers were there. I felt it and so did Curt.
"This place gives me the creeps," Curt said, fishing out a large roach from his cig pack. He sparked it up. He offered it to me. I declined.
"Yer gonna get fired for that shit."
Curt laughed his famous laugh. His eyes were little red slits.
"Paulie, you worry too much. They love me here."
We found the enormous roll of rock posters, conveniently situated next to an open second story window. Underneath the window was an open half full dumpster full of rotten garbage.
We methodically started sorting through the roll. Who ever ordered this dreck should have been shot for utter lack of taste: George Michael, Culture Club, Thompson Twins, Patti Symth, Pat Benetar, Bon Jovi, The Breakfast Club(?) etc. We pulled out a few good ones: Clash, Madonna (early and very slutty), Devo, Blondie, David Bowie. We stashed those to grab at a later date We had to figure out what to do with this enormous roll of shit. Both of us were entirely too lazy to haul the heavy roll of dross downstairs and explain to
Joel why they sucked and would never sell.
"I know what to do," I said. I grabbed one end and Curt grabbed the other. We heaved the entire roll out the window into the dumpster below. KU-WHUMP!! It was loud. A foul cloud of thick dust arose from the dumpster, filling the back alley. It was also hilarious. Curt and I grabbed 20 or so posters apiece to give Joel the appearance we were actually working.
We stroller downstairs. Joel gave us a look: "There are thousands of posters up there. That's all you could find?" he asked, exasperated.
Curt got on his soapbox: "Joel, yew gotta keep up on what's going on. Bands that are popular six months ago are vile today. It's the nature of the beast."

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