My top picks for 2012

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Felix Havoc

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:15 am    Post subject: My top picks for 2012 Reply with quote

For what it's worth here's my year end top ten (or so) list for MRR

Year End Top Ten 2012

Heavy Nukes-Ultra Mega Raw 7”-When I first read about this 7” I thought it was some kind of parody, in the vein of “dis is getting pathetic.” However, when I dropped the needle I was blown away. Totally rampaging legit 1982 Swedish hardcore punk. It has that ultra crude and untamed edge of early Cimex, Shitlickers and Avskum that really gets the blood pumping. This record features essential elements such as distorted bass rumble, the burly guitar, the desperate raspy vocals and a certain raw urgency in the production. A lot of bands try to recapture this aesthetic but fall short, sounding too metal, too produced, to crusty etc. This record just combines all the essential elements to perfection.
Institution-Dommen Ar Sott LP- A late 2012 release from this new band featuring memebers of Totalitar and Meanwhile. This is picking up more or less where Totalitar left off. It’s outstanding Swedish hardcore/punk in every way. I think it falls just a little short of the levels Totalitar reached as the solos are not quite as inspired, and the sound not quite as punchy and raw, but don’t let these minor quibblings discourage you, this is certified 100% raging.
Desperat/Deathraid-split LP-Desperat is my favorite band of the last few years. Ake and crew have not mellowed with age at all and continue to crank out the riffs and the driving C-Beat that makes me pump my fist in the air and shout. Deathraid are no slouch either with some solid crusty hardcore on the flip.
Desperat-Borjan Pa Slutet 7”-More new material from these Swedish ragers featuring ex members of Mob 47. What more can I say? How could you go wrong?
Infernoh-War Tjard LP-This is probably my favorite release of 2012. This bands demo was amazing and the LP features songs from the demo and some more. Swedish hardcore that falls somewhere in between the faster riff driven sounds of Desperat and the more rocking drive of Heratys. Maybe the best comparison would be to Skitkids, but with less of a Japanese influence. These songs just leap off the turntable, so much driving power and energy it will make your hair stand on end. The only bummer about this Lp is the packaging. This LP was very expensive as an import and despite having an awkward oversized sleeve the inner sleeve won’t go inside without damaging it. Thankfully the packaging was re done for the second press.
Lapinpolthajat-wahlroosin unelma-LP Simply outstanding second Lp from this Finnish band. While most bands going for an old school Finnish sound copy bands like Kaaos or Bastards, this band plays excellent punk in the style of Lama and Appendix. Rather than super raw and distorted chaos you get catchy upbeat and somewhat melodic punk with a driving hardcore backbone. The songs are very well crafted and catchy but retain the raw urgency of early hardcore and snotty edge of old punk.

Napalm Raid-Mindless Nation LP-I have been excited about this band since their first 7”. This Halifax band is treading a well-worn path playing crusty hardcore in the vein of Doom. However, they do it with a verve and panache that sets them apart from the multitude of bands playing in this style. Thunderous and pummeling, Crust Rules Everything Around Me.

Maailmanloppu-9 tracks 12”- There have been a few bands of late who strive to capture the traditional Finnish hardcore sound, Kieltolaki, Sotatila, Lapinpolthajat and now Maailmanloppu. These guys have the early 80’s Finnish hardcore punk sound we all long for. Catchy fast paced riffs, punchy vocals, shouted choruses. If you like this style, pick this one up.
Svart Stadhjalp-7”-By the time you read this, I think this band will have a second 7” out. This is some great punchy hardcore punk influenced by early Dischord and X Claim sounds. Brings to mind bands like Amdi Petersen’s Arme.

Ydintuho/Kylma Sota 7”-Kylma Sota are from Finland, but sound more like Swedish hardcore than the traditional Finnish sound. If you missed their 12” on Feral Ward, it was re pressed to get a copy today. Scorching holocaust head eruption, totally explosive raw punk bomblasts. The production on this is thick and professional, which gives it a depth and power you would associate more with HNSNSN era Discharge or Japanese bands, than say the rawness and urgency you get from the Heavy Nukes ep cited above. Ydintuho delivers a raw fuzzed out d-beat attack.

Martyrdod-Paranoia LP-This band is a personal favorite, and I released an LP for them some years ago. While I still think the first two Lps are their best work, I love the haunting cold and dark sounds this band creates. This is some raw metallic Kang that straddles the worlds of crust and early black metal. This is one of those bands that manages to create an atmosphere around their recordings. You can close your eyes and see some kind of pagan warlock performing cult rituals in some grim forsaken arctic mountain lair.

Heratys-naen punaista-7”-To be honest I haven’t heard this yet, waiting for the US press on Prank, but I figured it would count as a 2012 if I try to include it in 2013. Everything by this band has been solid gold, so I can’t imagine this 7” will be a let down.
Mauser-Isolation LP-I figured I’d better include one American band in here. Mauser are some young guys who deliver the goods, raw hardcore punk, their 7”s were great and this LP is heavy and killer.
Some others I should mention, Nomad 7”, Bloodkrow Butcher- 7”, Deformities 7”, Thrashers flexi, Kromosom-Paranoid 7”, Avfall-Dish it out, Sudor LP, Poliskitzo 7”, Vaaska 7”, Perikato 7”.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thx felix! Ydintuho/Kylma Sota sounds like a must!
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