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PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:56 am    Post subject: 2013 top ten Reply with quote

Year End Top Ten

Some really good stuff came out this year. Again I was hard pressed to narrow it down to 10 releases. See my column this month for some of the runners up.

Paranoid-hardcore addict 7” Phobia/Rawmantic Disasters- I am a hardcore addict! This was originally a demo tape I could not take out of the tape deck in my car, just kept letting it flip over and over. Raw Swedish hardcore done right, super powerful and catchy. The singer of this band passed away, so I think this will be this bands only output.

Infernoh-7 Spars 12” Distort Reality Infernoh is in the top rank for me last few years. Just outstanding bombastic Swedish hardcore continuing the legacy of bands like Heratys and Skitkids. I have spilled a lot of ink on this band already so I will move on.

Parasit-Valj Din Egen Bodel-LP Dtakt & Rapunk- I can’t find anyone else who is into this band. Excellent Swedish hardcore with a bit of dark crust/black metal influence. If you like bands like Skitsystem and Martyrdod OR if you like D beat Raw Punk you will love this LP which is a mix of both styles into a perfect blend.

Kylma Sota/Rajoitus split 7” Svart. I don’t have this yet, but unless these bands have totally dropped the ball this is going to be top ten material from both.

Gas Rag 7”- My favorite US release of the year, primitive raw hardcore that sounds like a perfect mix between 7” era Poison Idea and European bands like UBR or Shitlickers. A great fresh take on a sound and style that a lot of people keep saying is played out.

Culo “Return of” LP-Deranged. A lot of people have decided not to like this band, but judging just from the music they are totally ace. It’s really hard to pull off a full LP of raw fast ‘82 style hardcore, but these guys blaze right through over 20 tracks effortlessly.

Kromosom-Nuclear Reich LP-Distort Reality My favorite from all of the bands playing noise, not music. Kromosom has deep roots in dbeat hardcore and deliver powerful blasts of raw energy as opposed to just a wall of noise. Great live band as well.

V/A Hardcore 13-Kamaset Levyt-This double LP continues the tradition started with Hardcore 83 compilation and followed up by Hardcore 93 and Hardcore 03 comps. Several songs each mixing some very long running and reformed bands like Terveet Kadet, Vivisektion, Sekkaanus, Raygun, Aborti 13 with stalwarts like Forca Macabra and Viimeinen Kolonna and a host of current bands like Maailmanloppu, Valium Kiharat,Yhteiskunnan Ystvavat?, Anheus, Lapinpolthajat, Prantola, Mielialaihairio, Kiljuvelka 70, Projekti 15, Porco Dio, Kaivosurma, Konkurssi, Ydinpherhe and White Years. Strangley Kylma Sota and Ydinaseeton Pohjola and Armless Children. The booklet is not too informative for non English speakers, but it’s a great overview of the Finnish hardcore scene of today.

Korsfast-Huvuden Borde Ruilla LP D Takt and Rapunk. Another band I am shocked no one is talking about. Featuring Ake from Mob 47 on guitar. I know these guys keep starting new bands trying to do something different, but this sounds a lot like Mob 47 and Desperat, fast, raw hardcore with that trademark guitar sound/riffage. Ake! Ake!

Kremlin “Drunk in the Gulag” Beach Impediment-As I noted in my column, I slept on this bands 7”, but after hearing them I was won over. Has some very contemporary touches like reverby vocals, but sounds a lot like Dutch or Italian hardcore from the mid 80’s.


I started out to write my year end top ten with a few piles of records and some lists scrawled on scrap paper. After narrowing it down to the top ten there’s still some new and recent releases that stand out but didn’t make the cut. I look at a lot of other peoples top ten lists every year and there are usually a handful of high profile releases that make a lot of lists. But further down the list, everyone’s list is different. Indeed, I often have never heard of the bands on some peoples lists. It’s a further demonstration of how diverse hardcore punk has become into scenes and subscenes. A good example of this is the increasing lack of releases that make everyone’s top tens. There just aren’t that many “unity bands” or must have releases coming out these days that appeal across genres. I’m not saying that’s band per se, just different. So here’s a round up of some more new releases I am into right now.

Koszmar-Jeniec Wojenny LP-Rust and Machine-I don’t know anything about this band, I just picked it up because the label is known for quality. I was quite surprised to find some top tier rampaging blown out crust core. A lot of bands are playing this style right now, but this record stood out for me. Really solid riffs, scalding vocals. Lyrics are all in Polish but I think they are from Vancouver or Seattle.

Condition-Bombed out 7” Rust and Machine It took a long time for this band to get any recognition, but it seems like with their recent tour people are getting into them. Raw blown out hardcore punk mixes early crust like Doom and Skitsystem with 80’s hardcore.

Armless Children/Ydinaseeton Pojhola-split-Nightstick Justice-Armless Children play raw and desperate hardcore in the style of Shitlickers or early Anti Cimex. Ydinseeton Pohjola play pretty straight forward Finnish hardcore with their trademark manic vocals.

Altered Boys-s/t Deranged-A blast from the recent past. While most bands are going back to 1982 for stylistic inspiration, Altered Boys channel 1982 through 2002. This band delivers sick hardcore that reminds most people of the best of the y2k thrash bands especially Tear It Up and Down in Flames.

Hoax Lp-This band has three 7”s and manages to stil deliver a top notch LP. I can really get into this bands heavy, pounding, pummeling hardcore with a bleak atmosphere.

Various Artists, Annihilation- Konton Crasher- a four way split LP, so basically like four 7”s worth of material on an LP. Features Truncheons, Disable, Aspects of War. All these bands are cool, but Disable steals the show. No one buys comps these days, so it’s arguable if each of these bands would have done better with a 7” on their own. That said, it’s nicely done and all the bands are good. I am feeling Disable’s ramshackle d beat more than the rest though.

Infernoh/Effluxus split 7” This was a tour 7”. Good material from both bands, but great material from Infernoh.
Contrast Attitude Stand up and fight now 7” Koton Crasher-Excellent material from this Japanse band that has been going for a while now. The energy and power just leap out of the grooves.

Svart Stadhjalp-Gauvapen 7” Sista Versen-This is the demo on vinyl. Raw out of control hardcore punk from Sweden in the early 80’s American style. They have two other great 7”s as well.

Perdition-Martial Law 7” Hardcore Survives-This band is no longer witrh us,but left this final 7” to remember them by. To my mind Perdition was the best of the recent crop of NYC bands.

Maailmanloppu-musta ovi 7” Kamaset Levyt-This band has a traditional Finnish hardcore sound, and pay homage to the “slow burner” found on 80’s Finnish hardcore records with this 7”.

Nerv-7” SMRT This Iowa band has a great noisy hardcore sound, sounding at once contemporary and old school. They remind me a bit of bands like Die Kruezen and Mecht Mensch. I was a little disappointed with them live, but this 7is top notch, also they have a cassette.

Who Killed Spikey Jacket LP- One thing you’ll notice about my top ten of the last few years is that is comprised almost entirely of hardcore. However, around the house I listen to as much punk as hardcore, but always punk from the 70’s and 80’s. There haven’t been too many good punk bands in the last few years. This record got a lot of hype and then a lot of derision, but I don’t care what people say, it’s straight ahead pogo punk/street punk with some goofy but punk as fuck lyrics, just upbeat and catchy. Stuff like this is a nice counter point to mysterious hardcore bands who get too wrapped up in their own mystique.

Paa Kii/Lapinpolthajat-split 7” Kamaset Levyt- Paa Kii I’ve written about before, they play melodic Finnish Punk influenced by that nations 70s punk wave. Lapinpolthajat lean more towards hardcore like Appendix and Lama. Both bands are great on this split.

Some other ill records Framtid LP, Obliteration 7”, Sudor 7”, Harda Tider LP, Halshug 7”
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks, Felix. I admit that I've been completely out of the loop this year. I look forward to checking out some of the releases on your list.
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