The Sex Pistols

I’ll admit I saw 2 of the shows on the ’96 tour, but when I heard the news that the Pistols were touring yet again all I could think was “ho hum, I’d travel to St. Paul to see them but no further”.

Vice Squad

OK, this pissed me off to no fucking end. Beki Bondage quit Vice Squad in 1984, put out some bad goth-disco records and then formed a Heavy Metal cover band. She vehemently denied any association with Punk Rock, calling it stupid. Well, 10 years later when bands like the Business and The UK Subs came back with stories of touring the US and making bank Ms. Bondage thinks “Hey, I was part of that, I think I’ll cash in”. When I saw “Vice Squad” at the Red Sea all I wanted to do was punk Beki in the teats and called her a fucking sell-out.

There’s a band fronted by Lee Ving called FEAR who play songs by an old L.A. band called FEAR. Unfortunately One member does not a band make.

It seems that the problem all these “bands” have is they think that the individual members are greater than the whole, that because they were 1/3 or ¼ or 1/5 of something 20 years ago they can still trod out the name with a faceless bunch of kids and get away with it.BUT… there’s always a flip-side. There are A FEW bands out there kicking it that seem to be doing it for the genuine pleasure of playing, and not because their minivan needs transmission work.

The Strike, The Quincy Punx, X, and even The Knack all put on really good, entertaining and FUN shows. No attitudes, no loans to pay off, just playing for the sheer fun of rocking out with people you get along with musicly.

5 Fucking Questions!
by Richard Sagawa