Do You Believe in God? CONTINUED

TCPUNK: Do you think Stryper converted fans to Christianity?

TIM GAINES: I can't say that Stryper ever converted anyone to Christianity. We were simply the messengers. I can say that the presence of the Holy Spirit went forth when we played and touched the hearts of those God had chosen. His spirit is in our songs on the recordings too. I can't really explain it, it just happens. So to answer your question.. No we didn't convert anyone, but yes people were converted or rather gave their lives to Christ through our music or our concerts.

TCPUNK: Did fans ever try to give you drugs?

TIM GAINES: I can't say that anyone ever gave us drugs because we didn't do drugs. We did from time to time have to dodge empty bottles that had been thrown at us on stage.

OZ FOX: That’s a funny question! No, fans never tried to give us drugs. Mostly fans just wanted to meet us in person, get an autograph, or snap a picture with us. I used to walk outside after shows and meet with people out in the parking lots or out on the street. That was one of my favorite things to do out on the road because it made the tours seem more personal. If you think about it, Jesus always met with the masses.

TCPUNK: Stryper must have had groupies, how did you deal with them?

OZ FOX: We had some pretty tight security. People were watching out for us so we wouldn’t be left alone with groupies. Our bus driver had strict instructions to let no one on the bus except band and crew. Groupies were treated just like any other fan, we would always try to share Christianity with them, give them bibles, and pray with them.

TCPUNK: Looking back on the Stryper days what memory are you most proud of?

OZ FOX: I feel good about all the times we would visit with someone who was sick, bedridden, confined to a wheel chair, people less fortunate than most. It was nice to make them happy by giving personal attention to them. One time we spoke at a grade school assembly and encouraged kids at a “Say No to Drugs” rally. Those are the kind of things that are nice to remember.

TCPUNK: Was there ever any pressure from your record company to drop the religious angle from your music, in order to appeal to a wider audience?

OZ FOX: Yes, that happened during the Against the Law period. That’s why the Isaiah 53:5 did not appear by the Stryper name on that album.

TCPUNK: Looking back on the Stryper days what memory are you least proud of?