started playing along to the terrible bass track again with the fill-in drummer from the

"My War" set. I really can't understand why Robo didn't play the entire set. If the fill-in drummer from the "My War" set can figure out the songs, why can't someone who played them over and over years ago? Robo's age has always been indeterminate but he looked hale and hearty enough to play longer than thirty minutes at a stretch without having to run backstage for oxygen.

And why do you need a bass track for stuff like "Nervous Breakdown"? Anyone can play that on bass. Even someone with my rudimentary bass
skills could've jumped up there and played the last set on bass. Another mystery was Ginn's position of not wanting to pay any of the musicians any money whatsoever because the show was a benefit. The employees of Goldenvoice, Ticketmaster, the Palladium, or the security company didn't work for free so what would have been so wrong with throwing a few bucks Keith Morris's way if that's what it takes to get him to show up (as Ginn contended in an interview)? If they would have limited the set to the middle part with Robo playing there would have been little to complain about. 75% of the "Six Pack" single lineup is not too shabby for a reunion show.

Never having seen the Dez-fronted version of Black Flag and having seen the Rollins version many times from 1984 to the end, I thought that Dez was a much better singer, frontman, and personality. He seemed to actually enjoy being onstage unlike Henry with his tortured artist persona. People who only know Black Flag from watching the Decline of Western Civilization were probably disappointed and people into the Rollins-era were probably disappointed. There really was no way for Ginn to please everyone. The only way would have been to have Dukowski on bass, plus every singer taking turns singing a few songs. Hey, isn't that about what Ginn hinted was going to happen all along?