Father of Spider Baby by Yuck Foo

TCPUNK: Just curious what you thought of Sid Haig in House of 1000 Corpses, I thought immediately of Spider Baby.

JACK HILL: Sorry, haven't seen it.

TCPUNK: Have you seen Kill Bill? impressions?

JACK HILL: Not yet. But liked Daryl Hannah's eye patch in the trailers. Hmmm....

TCPUNK: One reason I asked about Kill Bill, is that now exploitation seems to be fodder for Big Budget homages, and that true exploitation films are churned out for late night premium cable channels. Is there a future for exploitation?

JACK HILL: Sorry, the future is -- again -- not my area of expertise.

TCPUNK: Kind of a follow up, many exploitation films made today seem to have lost the playfullness, and energy of the ones made in the 60's and 70's. A lot of your films dwelled on fetishes, and taboo iconography, but yet never in a mean spirited way, in my opinion, was that conscious for you?

Interesting that you ask that. "Mean

spirited" is a pet peeve of mine, which I find too often in films today, especially as it's an easy way to get a laugh. I don't want to get cheap laughs that way, personally.

TCPUNK: Have you been watching some of the horror/exploitation that's coming out of Japan? Any thoughts of that country's output?

JACK HILL: No. I prefer Ozu to decapitation. But Oni Baba was pretty good in its day!

TCPUNK: What still excites you about film?

JACK HILL: That it's still possible to move an audience with material that has real depth and meaning -- and good acting -- as opposed to manipulation of an audience by means of technique, effects and easy manipulation.