Now cut the design out of the full sheet. You should have a fair amount of black border around your design. Place the cut transparency on a piece of glass. You can use two picture frame pieces of glass about 8" x 10". Take sticky insulation tape (sometimes called damming tape) and apply it to half of the edge of your cut design and the glass sheet. This will give you a nice border to hold in the polymer. Cut a piece of substrate (plastic sheet that comes with the M&R kit). This piece should be large enough to rest on the insulating border tape.

Now the magic goop. Pour in enough Ideal i40 to evenly fill the bordered design area. You want the polymer to be level with the top of the insulating tape. Apply the substrates' rough side on top of the polymer. Take a second piece of glass and cover the substrate. It should look like a thin glass sandwich. If you have double sided magnet tape, you can apply it to the edge of each glass sheet to keep the two together, clothes pins work well if available.

The UV light source. The lights are not included in the kit, but cost $11.00 each. One light will expose a 2" x 12" area of polymer. I started with two lights mounted side by side. This gives me a 4" x 12" exposure area. The light fixtures can be found at your local hardware store for under $8.00. Exposure time. Always warm up your UV lights before exposure. Place the glass sheets with the substrate side up in the center of the UV light

source and about 2" away from the bulb. Expose for 1.5 minutes, flip it over and continue to expose for 3 minutes. Pull out the glass sheets and separate them freeing the polymer, substrate and transparency. Peel off the transparency slowly. Remove any insulation tape. Take the polymer and substrate to a bucket mixed with water and Ideal iLW Concentrate. Scrub out the soft polymer from the substrate, a toothbrush or small soft bristle scrub brush will work fine. Rinse with water and toss back under the UV light for additional setting of the polymer. The other supplied chemicals are used to wash out and remove the stickiness of the stamp.

Mount the stamp to anything flat, ink and start printing your masterpiece.

M&R Marking Systems, Inc.
100 Springfield Avenue, Piscataway, N.J. 08854
(732) 562-9500

UV Light bulbs PP-F15 $11.00 each
I - 40 Kit check for availability and price. This kit includes everything you need but I've listed each product below.

Ideal iLW Concentrate
(Photopolymer Washout Liquid Concentrate)
Ideal iPX Powder Additive
(Photopolymer Post Exposure Powder Additive)
Ideal i40, i50 Liquid Photopolymers
(photopolymer or actual goop)
Ideal Booster (aid for Ideal iLW Washout Solution)
Substrate sheets (11" x 17" plastic base sheets)