A Date With The King

bonfire. Nick has brought his huge Rottweiler with him tonight, and I ask if we can use the dog for a prop. I give King the leash; we light the fire, and film the fucker. As the band plays, sparks fly. Snowy the Nordic drummer winces, and coughs. Henk, the stoic guitar player has tears running down his face from the heat. I don’t give a shit; I just want this shot to be over and to get the fuck out of here.

It’s a wrap. We grab every piece of equipment we can, load the van, and get ready to leave. I’m feeling feisty and go talk with Nick. He’s coming down pretty heavy. “So, Nick now that we’re done, we aint gonna pay $1,000, we’re gonna pay $500, like we agreed.” Nick starts freaking out, he looks at me and I can tell he’s seconds away from

stomping my ass into the desert earth.

I relent pretty quickly, “Dude, I’m joking, it’s cool.” Nick is sweating though, “That aint funny, these fuckers wouldn’t think twice about kicking my ass.” We say goodbye to the band, who are going off towards a pile of rusty cars to do a photo shoot. Nick mentions something about being careful as the Disciples have the cars pretty well booby-trapped.

Greg and me get into the truck and begin to follow Dave and the P.A. up over the hills and back into L.A. After 45 minutes of driving, I notice the truck is swerving towards the shoulder. “What the fuck!” Greg’s eyes are closed, and he’s starting to snore. I scream, waking him back up. He pulls over. He’s too tired, and can’t drive back.

I get behind the wheel. I have been smoking pot and drinking coffee for about 13 hours non-stop, but there’s no way in hell I’m spending the morning sleeping in a fucking truck on the side of this California highway. I begin to drive, while Greg sleeps. My right arm seizes up, this happens often when I’m stressed. I can’t unclench the steering wheel. I begin to pound my frozen right hand with my left fist. Greg wakes up, “what’s going on?” “Oh nothing, man,” I assure him. I continually slam my paralyzed right hand for the next hour as I make my way back to L.A. Gotta get back there, I have another whole Mercyful Fate video to shoot the next night.