by Dedly Daego

A few years ago a couple of my closest friends at the time and I started a little club. We didn't exactly have any direction, but we sure knew we needed to stick together. We had been taught more than a few unwanted lessons on how Minneapolis really functions. The rumors spreading like wildfire or STDs in the crusty scene, and everyone salivating over the next juicy piece of trash about the local celebrities. Who is who and doing what. They'd all seen way too many movies, and really thought there was such a thing as "having dirt" on someone.

The two other guys I founded the club with are long gone. The little mexican dude that was my roomate moved to Chicago, and the other guy
went Catholic. Like I said, we didn't have much direction, but we liked being involved in the scene and realized that in order to make any headway for our projects and to encourage bands we enjoyed to come through, we would have to stick together.We never did see eye to eye with most of the people we had met from shows or at bars. And no one really shared our interests or sense of humor. You couldn't trust anyone.

Not much has changed. But we tried to stick to our shit, crew up with others who had faced the same adversity as had we, and move forward.

For a while, everything started picking up, mostly due to my hand and Ben's humor, his willingness to take direction and share respnsibilities. We got some shows going on, brought a few pretty cool bands through, and got another local venue willing and friendly to our music. Not too bad, but nothing huge. Just
good times. We didn't do too much fist fighting, but we were quick to defend our home turf. And that's all that really counts to this day.

Most of the people we were used to seeing at shows would only show to see the big bands, they didn't "support the scene" for shit. The real deal local cornerstones were still around cause they were dedicated to punk rather than to cliques. Your Bob Murderers and your Felix Havocs. The rest didn't bother to come and cheer on up and coming local bands, and they sure didn't stick around to be friendly and shoot the shit wth us. But that was fine, cause new kids did, and we offered something that no one else was.

I met some pretty cool kids that way who are still good friends of mine. After immeresing myself in the hard luck promoter game for so long I got burnt out. Frustrated. Tired of dealing with angry drunks and mooches. We lost a few key guys to age and what not, and I took a vacation. Focused more on my relationships with the people I knew
were real and with me, working on things for myself instead of spending all my $ on booze/flyers/websites, and less time bothering to defend my already shitbagged reputation. That would never change. And it hasn't.

Over a year had past, and I decided I was bored. Most of us had new bands going, and there was something to work with that could use a helping had. So we got the club site up ad running again,